Author: Judy

I did it! I started my own weight loss story. I am still at the beginning, but I have my before picture already taken, and I have joined Healthy Wage to motivate myself to continue. I will be posting pictures at regular intervals because I want this to be a journey I can be proud […]

Having a healthy family is an issue that every family on the planet is concerned with. What are some ideas or concepts that others are having? We can really learn a lot from others who are working on this same issue. From Imphal, news that the State Government is launching a Night Plaza, a themed […]

No matter where you stand on health care in this country, when your family needs to see the doctor, you expect to be able to get adequate diagnosis and treatment, and for it not to cost everything you have saved in the bank (or more). Health care just seems like it should be a basic […]

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder involving impaired insulin response, resulting in excessive sugar in the blood. The 4 most common types are: Type 2 (also called adult onset diabetes) in which the body does not process blood sugar normally, Type 1 (usually affecting the individual from their youth) in which the pancreas produces little or […]