Dieting and Exercise


Good Food +Water + Movement= Staying Healthy





Water is important, too


When it comes to building a strong immune system, there are 2 factors that play a HUGE part in your health:

  • 1. what you eat: the type of fuel you put in your body, and
  • 2. how much you move

Yes, these two things are generally called dieting and exercise–but they can be anything but boring or routine!  If you can’t get excited or interested in good food or some type of movement, then you won’t keep doing it.

And whatever health you have right this minute is because you have given your body enough nutrients to support your immune system, and you have moved enough and rested enough to keep your body fairly healthy.

But what happens if you stop moving as much–if you start eating junk food and not getting enough sleep? It doesn’t take long before your body has used up the supply of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients—and you start feeling tired, sluggish, worn out and stressed out.



What are your health goals? Do you want to avoid colds and the flu this year? Lose weight? Get better sleep? Is someone in your family setting goals for themselves? Maybe there’s one child in the family who catches every bug or germ, and you want to find out what you can do to change that.

Please understand, all of your health goals are within your reach.

Make it fun!

Eat healthy foods