Family Fun Night Includes….Highlights!


Do you remember Highlights magazine from when you were a child? I sure do!

Even though my parents couldn’t afford a subscription, I’d read it as often as I could get my hands on it!

It was full of amazing short stories, crafts, pictures, articles about nature and animals–and so much color! It was video for the eyes (great for engaging short attention spans!)


I’m not saying that Highlights for Children magazine is directly responsible for my love of reading. But reading is still a HUGE part of my life, and since I still have happy memories of hours curled up reading my Highlights–it definitely played a part in encouraging me to love looking at the written word.



Can you find what’s hidden?

Highlights magazine still keeps kids of all ages reading, thinking and learning with a wide variety of stories and activities.
Those wonderful skill-building HIDDEN PICTURES® scenes help kids learn through play.


It’s chock-full of engaging fiction and nonfiction stories that will encourage your child to have a lifetime love of reading.
On almost every page, you’ll find puzzles, experiments and so much more to provide your young one hours of brain-teasing entertainment.


Who doesn’t like to cuddle with their favorite person and share a few quiet minutes talking, laughing, discussing and learning new things?

Your child is just discovering this wonderful big world.


They haven’t decided whether they want to be a ballerina or a doctor yet–and the sky is the limit in their imagination. Let them enjoy those few quiet moments each day with their favorite person–YOU.


Give them the gift of reading and learning. Give them the gift of you.