Family Issues in the News

What makes a healthy family in our society?


Most people have their own opinion about what makes a healthy family.

I think a strong family consists of a mom and dad who have a commitment to each other and to their children, and who actively work at keeping their relationships fun, respectful, and engaging. What’s your opinion?

Ted Buss from the Times Record News gives his opinion here. There are so many others besides Mr. Buss who are concerned with the issue of strong families. From Dr. John Trent, to Dara Griffin and her team, to the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, there are many individuals, groups and organizations who are concerned with the struggle to build, reinforce, support and encourage the family unit to get strong and stay strong. Today’s families are under more pressure than ever before. Economically, it takes effort on the part of both parents to just provide physically for children and the home. This causes strains on the entire family structure. We need strong mothers, strong fathers, and we need to give them tools to accomplish this monumental, but rewarding task of starting and keeping that family unit strong.

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Scott Wilson and his family’s “Cow-Share Program”.

One family has come up with a new way to live off the grid and provide for themselves.

Not only do they raise their own healthy food on their 25-acre farm, but they also help other families by sharing cows. Read the entire article here.

This is such a great idea for rural families, or even urban families who have a little extra acreage or know someone nearby who is interested in pooling resources.

Check with your local county extension office to see if anyone in your area has a similar program, or for information on how you can start.

You can also visit Scott’s Full Quiver Farm.