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In case you missed it on my About Me page,

I visited my cousin in Florida recently and she’s talked me into moving there. It wasn’t hard to convince me; I visited the last of November and the weather was absolutely wonderful! It was in the high sixties, low seventies, and extremely comfortable.

The city that my cousin lives in is large enough to have a multitude of activities, shops and restaurants to keep anyone busy. My cousin loves to dig around in second hand shops (so do I!) and knew all of the really good bargain stores. We went to the beach several times; one afternoon we just walked over the powdery soft sand collecting shells!  She can recognize so many types of shells–I’m just fascinated finding them.

But the best thing about the beach is the water. As soon as I came over the dunes and heard the ocean, I knew I was home. It might just be the natal memory of a whoosh-whoosh sound–I don’t discount that at all! But it was hands down the most relaxing sound I’ve heard in a long time. And I could spend hours just sitting and listening to it. My two week vacation was not nearly long enough, but I didn’t want to overstay my welcome.

I came back to Oklahoma and wrote an ebook about my vacation, and dreamed and plotted over the details of my plan to move to Florida. My cousin and I kept in touch through Facebook and she would remind me occasionally of what I was missing by not being there already.

Back in Oklahoma, it was a different story. Friends would encourage me to move if that’s what I really wanted to do, but my family–not so much. My mother, who is 78, loudly says she would not live in Florida for any amount of money. She says if the hurricanes don’t get Florida, that the sinkholes will. Even reminding her that Oklahoma has more than its shares of tornadoes and earthquakes (yep!) is not enough to change her impression of Florida as the WORST place on earth to move to. I personally think she watches too much reality television.  My cousin admits that the weather in the summer can be pretty hot and steamy, but in that respect, it is much like the summers here in Oklahoma. The winters there are generally mild, which means I will probably have to lose my collection of coats, scarves and gloves. I think I’ll survive.

Florida has for decades been viewed as the ideal place for retirees and vacation-goers. With 1,197 miles of coastline, Florida has 663 miles of beaches. And I would love to see every single one of them. I am a little nervous about making such a big move at this time of my life. I haven’t got all the details sorted out. And my family will still be in Oklahoma when I come to visit, so it’s not like I’ll never see them again, right? In spite of my nervousness, I’m looking forward to calling Florida “home”.