Help Me Lose Weight!

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I’ve lost the same 20 pounds about 15 or 20 times.


Let me see: doing that math means, hmmmm….I’ve lost about 400 pounds since that day my mother told me I was “pleasingly plump”.

No, surely that can’t be right. It’s got to be that new math that’s giving me problems.



Either that, or I need algebra to figure it out. Can anyone here relate? Not to my being math-challenged, but to my dieting issue?

I’m not the first person to try over and over again to achieve weight loss in my never-ending search for that permanent way to keep it off.

The thing is, not every body reacts to losing weight the same way. Some people can eat anything and not gain weight to begin with. Some people lose weight on a ketogenic or low-carb diet, while other people do just as well eating vegan.


For me, I have found that eating low-carb is just about the only way I lose weight–each and every time I limit my carbs I have lost weight. But my weakness is bread and sweets. I know what works, it’s just really hard to stay with it when those cravings strike.


I also notice that I don’t walk as much as I used to. I used to love walking, and it kept my metabolism just high enough to where I could eat a little more of what (I knew) was bad for me. But life isn’t worth living if you can’t have some garlic bread with your spaghetti!


Sigh….what’s a girl to do?


However, some factors about our diets are the same for everyone: you must have sufficient water, nutrients and movement in order to have a strong healthy body.

It also helps to have a good metabolism, to eat a balanced variety of foods and some people do well with exercising more often.

And sometimes we need a little extra help with our willpower.

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