Yes, we all know we should eat more fruits and vegetables. 

But why? And do we have to give up red meat and butter? Or chocolate?

Our food is the fuel our body runs on. You wouldn’t put rubbing alcohol in your car’s gas tank and expect it to keep running smoothly, would you?   For that same reason, good nutrition makes the difference between just being awake and functioning, and being full of energy and ready to roll!

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be boring, either. There’s enough variety in food that comes from trees, vines, and your garden that you would never have to eat the same thing twice in a week–unless you just wanted to.

But life is about more than just food for fuel. Food sometimes is just for fun–and sometimes just because it tastes good.  It’s okay to have treats in moderation. The key is being balanced.

So start with one or two and build up your daily fruit and veggie intake. Your healthy body will thank you for it.