October 23, 2016
My 10 month old started sleeping through the night on the second night of using the DockATot Needless to say, this mommy is very satisfied with our purchase!
– Brittanny

October 25, 2016
I love your product. I’ve now bought 3 as gifts. DockATot is an amazing sleep enhancer for babies and their parents. They should give them to all new parents after delivery.
– Donna

DockATot® has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies. We like to think it’s the next best thing to the womb. Babies can rest, play and lounge. The DockATot® is lightweight and simple to travel with.  DockATot® is the ideal spot to have tummy time with your little one. The rounded sides helps to prop up your awake baby when placed under his/her arms. Tummy time can help babies develop neck strength and motor skills. It is important to closely supervise your baby during tummy time. The DockATot® Grand can help a child get comfortable with a new toddler or big-kid bed. The sides give little ones a snug sense of security in their new, bigger beds.








Vitamin C-Don’t we get Enough in our Everyday Foods?

Have you read Linus Pauling’s recommendations for Vitamin C intake?

While the USDA recommends 40 to 75 mg per day  (and smokers need 110), Dr. Pauling said this amount was incredibly low–the real amount most humans need is at least 1,000 milligrams per day.  He himself took 12,000 mg per day!

Most animal species can make their own Vitamin C, but our bodies can’t do it. And Vitamin C is water soluble, which means that we can’t store it.

If we take in too much (really hard to do!) then our bodies get rid of the excess through the urine.

So you’d have to eat over 12 large oranges each day to get your 1,000 mg!

Or take supplements. But, do supplements really work? One study done at the University of Toronto concluded that while Vitamin C supplements may not be an effective cold treatment, that it did lower the severity of symptoms. The study was done with 250 mg doses daily, and no studies have been done with higher amounts of this vitamin.

Vitamin C in a liquid formula for better absorption.

So the answer is “No”, we don’t get enough vitamin C in our everyday foods. 12 oranges, really??   Supplements are still important. And if fewer symptoms and misery from a cold is all Vitamin C can offer–I’ll take it!


Can Echinacea Help Protect Against Cold and Flu?

The herb Echinacea comes to us from the North American Coneflower. The chemicals that boost the immune system are found in both the roots and the above-ground portion of the plant. In Germany, Echinacea is regulated by the government, and approved as a natural remedy for UTI’s (urinary tract infections) as well as colds (decreases your chances of getting a cold by 58%) and upper respiratory infections.  Although I could find no information on the effect of Echinacea against the flu, the fact that it boosts the immune system means that your body has a better chance of fighting off any disease, including flu. As a side note, the Great Plains Indians used Echinacea as a pain reliever, including headaches, toothache and sore throats.


Wheatgrass: What Health Benefits?

If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about wheatgrass, then you know: they either love it or they hate it. Those who love wheatgrass talk about it’s cleansing effect on the body and blood, and the stimulation of the thyroid and metabolism.  Those who hate it say that humans weren’t meant to digest grass like a cow with several stomachs, and they complain about the taste. Well, actually, everyone complains about the taste–at first. Others say that it really depends on how the grass is grown as to flavor and health benefits. Does wheatgrass have proven health benefits? Possibly. One interesting study I found was a 3-year clinical trial in India on terminal cancer patients. The authors of the study concluded that wheatgrass improved the hemoglobin so significantly that they considered it an excellent alternative to blood transfusion. Pretty impressive.

Colloidal Silver-The Natural Antibiotic.

Hundreds of years ago, silver was a common household item in the home. It was made into plates, and pitchers and silverware. Like iron from an iron skillet, very small portions of the substance found its way into foods and drinks, and being a natural antibiotic, people were that much healthier for having small trace amounts of silver in their bodies. In pioneer days, settlers used a silver dollar to keep milk fresher longer. The Roman empire stored their wines in silver urns for the same reason. Silver was once known as a powerful germ fighter, but became less popular as doctors and scientists discovered penicillin and other man made antibiotics.  However, unlike modern day antibiotics, the human body does not develop a tolerance  to silver.  It is still as effective as ever against colds, flu and some have even said it helped arthritis!  Colloidal Silver is making a comeback and it is spoken very highly of by doctors who treat infectious diseases.






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  • Marcie says:

    I especially found your content about colloidal Silver very interesting as I hate taking antibiotics. any of my friends are already taking it and report good results.
    Another fact is that churches passed the wine in a silver chalice because of the silver’s germ killing action.
    Who says modern health specialists have all the answers!
    Thanks for an awesome article”

    • Judy says:

      Thanks, Marcie! I’ve been using colloidal silver on and off for years when sick. It really works. I hadn’t heard that about the silver chalices, but it does make sense.

  • Tom Purcio says:

    like your site a lot! I am 53 years old and its seems that my last few doctors appointments have been all about adding a new pill to my daily routine setting off all kinds of red flags in my head. lately I have been introducing Natural Remedies of my own into my life and finding that I don’t really need all the prescriptions the the doctors are recommending.
    thanks, tom

    • Judy says:

      I know exactly what you mean! My children would think something was wrong with me if I didn’t have all my natural remedies and bottles of vitamins in just about every room of the house. If there’s something wrong with me, I usually know why. I ate something that didn’t agree with me. I stayed up too late too often and weakened my immune system, or didn’t drink enough water instead of sweet tea. There’s a reason we get sick, and it’s not because we are deficient in a prescription medication. I like to think that I’m helping my kids realize that there is more in nature that can help us, and that a little common sense can go a long way in diagnosing ourselves. (Of course, if I’m really scared I will make an appointment.) Thanks for your input!

  • Jimmy Dolo says:

    Hi! Judy, I’m on the page of your reviews but I would like to give an appreciation of the other page of this site, the Dieting and Exercise wherein under it is good food plus water plus movement.
    I see this as the best natural way to heal ourselves from any illnesses we have acquired. Plenty of water can wash away many ails from our body and help restore cells.
    Also, fruits and vegetables are very much good for the body which cannot be equalled by indulging on meat. For those countries who have available fruits and are affordable, they should exploit the opportunity to have that longer life from all these bounties.

    • Judy says:

      That is a very good point, Jimmy! I think you should always take advantage of local home-grown vegetables and fruits as much as possible. Although I do enjoy meat occasionally, it’s important to have a good balance when it comes to food (diet) and movement (exercise). The body can help itself if we give it the tools it needs. Thanks for your insightful comment, and I hope you visit again soon!

  • Hollie Rose says:

    Nice article! I found what you say about wheatgrass very interesting. Everyday in the news they say something else about its health benefits. From your article you are saying there’s no actual proven benefits but there are people who have benefited from it?
    I think a lot of these natural foods do have many benefits that we don’t know about!

    • Judy says:

      You are absolutely right! Although medical science has yet to “prove” benefits under experimentation, I also believe that there are health benefits from wheatgrass and other natural substances that we just don’t know about yet. And as you pointed out, the fact that we have anecdotal testimonies should be evidence enough.

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