Staying Healthy While Traveling

One of the worst things you can do while traveling is get sick.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t mean to get sick; you feel like you’ve wasted money and time when all you really just wanted was to have a wonderful vacation!

Not only do you miss the days you’re actually sick, but recovering takes time, too.

So the days spent recovering are days that you don’t get the full impact of that sightseeing trip, or the enjoyment of the beach or hotel pool.

There are practical steps you can take before and during a trip to make sure you’ll enjoy every last second of your adventure!


  • Write the date of your trip on your calendar. (You’ve probably already done that!) Then, 2 weeks before that date:
  • up your dose of Vitamin C supplements
  • start taking Echinacea
  • take a really good multivitamin, and
  • drink one cup daily of tea with honey and a tablespoon of vinegar. (This helps your body stay alkaline, which is more resistant to infection.)


  • I know you want to see everything, but you must (!) get plenty of sleep
  • and drink plenty of water–but only distilled or bottled
  • have a nourishing, filling breakfast each morning, and
  • take everything at a steady pace.

Take care of yourself and you will always be able to have wonderful vacations without the disappointment of getting sick while traveling. Bon Voyage!