A child is a toddler

when they are no longer simply crawling. When she pulls herself upright and takes those beginning steps, she is “toddling”.

When he lets go of the edge of the furniture so he can hesitantly step his way to your outstretched arms, he is “toddling.”

Babies take their first steps around 9 to 12 months, and are usually walking well by the time they are 15 months old.

Healthy surroundings are really important at this age, because they are now able to move themselves to anything they can see and reach. The toys they play with need to be able to move with them, and should be cleaned regularly with a chlorine disinfectant wash.

I personally feel that kids should be allowed to play in sand and dirt, and that most of it won’t cause lasting harm–as long as they are bathed and fed well, your child’s immune system will handle most foreign substances they come in contact with.