What I Do To Be Creative

One of my published short stories

In this area, you’re going to find some things that interest ME.

Now, what does this have to do with family health, you say? Well, I believe that every one of you needs to have a way to express your creativity, your personality.

I spent years as a social worker, in a job where it seemed like we were all robots, showing up at the same time every day, filling out forms, asking the same questions to the same people, talking to people about their problems,  pushing forms around, emailing reports to the supervisor…… and going home dead tired. 

Does this sound familiar?

There was no time, and no energy to express my creative side, the things that interested me.  And it’s the things that interest you that will energize you, and give you the mental and emotional energy to go on, to push through that job that wants to take every ounce of enthusiasm and joy and give nothing back.

Whatever kind of work you do to pay the bills, whether it’s factory line work, digging ditches all day long, or in a high-stress job making tons of money–for your own emotional health, you need to find a way to express your talents, your creative side. What’s that, you say? You don’t have any talents? 

Yes, you do!

You may have never discovered them, you may have ignored them for decades–but you DO have talents.

I can’t figure them out for you, but you KNOW you have at least one thing you are good at. And that’s just the one thing you might have found out by accident, I don’t know, but I know that everyone has hidden talents they haven’t had time, money, or freedom to discover yet.

You really are an amazing person, you just don’t know it yet, because you haven’t given yourself that chance.

For me, I know I love swimming, reading, singing, and writing! Now, some of those things are just things I enjoy doing. But a couple of them are talents that I’m continuing to work on.

And here, I’m going to focus on writing.

Yes, I AM a published author–thanks for asking. I have over 20 short stories published on Amazon as Kindle e-books. You can check them out if you wish. But in these pages, I’m going to focus on new stories that I write just for the sheer enjoyment of expressing my creative side, and improving my emotional health by doing it. If you like a story, I would really appreciate a comment!